Ticker: Messages by the Organizing Team

+++ 26 May – 2:40 pm +++

The conference may be cancelled in 2020, but the dialogue continues – virtually in our social media channels and together with you! Soon we will launch a new web platform to channel all these activities. In the meantime, you may be interested in our 1st GreenSofa Dialogue: “Exploring the Impacts of the COVID-19 on the Energy Transition”. Check out our YouTube channel or watch here on the website! https://youtu.be/-zkq1JKpknc

+++ 10 March – 1:32 pm +++

You may also read the official press release (PDF) regarding BETD 2020 cancellation. See you in 2021 in Berlin!

+++ 09 March – 4:49 pm +++

The German Government and the Organisation Team regret to inform you that due to the increasing proliferation of COVID-19 we are forced to cancel the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue scheduled for 24/25 March 2020 and all side events between 23 and 27 March. The Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue will continue in 2021.

The health and safety of all conference participants is our key priority. Until today, we were hoping to still realise the BETD 2020 with increased health and safety standards. We have been in very close contact with the official authorities. The German Federal Ministry of Health advised today that all events with more than 1.000 participants shall be cancelled. The BETD falls under this category. We thus came to the conclusion today that even with the highest standards a safe implementation of the conference would not have been possible.

We are deeply sorry about this necessary step. The interest in the global energy transition is greater than ever. As a testimony to this, BETD 2020 was well on track to become a memorable event, with a record confirmation of more than 75 official ministerial delegations and VIPs. Also, we were very much looking forward to the intervention of President von der Leyen of the European Commission.

During BETD 2020 we wanted to push forward the global discussion on key areas of the global energy transition: Deployment and integration of renewable energy, energy efficiency, investment flows and hydrogen – to name a few. The German Government and the Organisation Team will drive the Dialogue on these topics further in the different multi- and bilateral forums around the globe.
From now on, we are working on the next edition of the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue in order to ensure that the global Dialogue on the energy transition continues. We are looking forward to welcoming you all again at the BETD 2021 next year.

+++ 04 March – 10:38 am +++

The 6th Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue is scheduled for 24/25 March in the German Foreign Office. The Organizing Team is continuously monitoring the situation concerning the Coronavirus and will take precautionary measures to protect all participants against potential infections. The Organizing Team is in close contact with delegations from countries with higher risks of infections in order to find arrangements in the mutual interest of all parties involved.