Jalila Abdellaoui

Jalila Abdellaoui is a Project development specialist in the Moroccan Agency for Sustainable Energy (Masen), the Moroccan central player in the national energy strategy aiming to increase the share of renewable energy in the country’s total power generation capacity.

Jalila graduated from ISCAE Business School in Morocco and holds a Master degree in International Finance from NEOMA Business School in France.

Prior to Masen, she worked at the Moroccan Capital Markets Authority (AMMC) in Asset Management department and as senior Chargée d’Affaires in Capital Market department of 2 Investment Banks.

A quote on the subject:

“As small changes can have a great impact and since energy is part of our daily lives, the Energy transition must be carried out also by citizens who should reduce their climate footprint.
Humanizing energy transition is one of the main keys to succeed this action, citizens must be put at the core of the strategies to take perfect ownership of this transition and earn the benefits that it has to deliver.”