Mika Ohbayashi

Mika Ohbayashi is Director at Renewable Energy Institute since its foundation in August 2011. Before joining the establishment of the Institute, Ohbayashi worked for International Renewable Energy Agency, IRENA, based in Abu Dhabi, as Policy and Project Regional Manager for Asia Oceania. She worked at British Embassy to Japan as Climate Change Project Advisor, and she served as Director at Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies. She started her career in the energy field by joining Citizens’ Nuclear Information Center in 1992, there she was in charge of energy issues and Asian nuclear power program. She was awarded the Global Leadership Award in Advancing Solar Energy Policy by the International Solar Energy Society (ISES) in 2017.

The Instute’s English name was “Japan Renewable Energy Foundation (JREF)” from 2011 – 2016.

A quote on the subject:

“The energy transition towards 100% renewable is an unavoidable transformation in the society and the economy, and how to respond to the transition in the coming few years will determine the state of the country and the world in 30 years.”