From global goals to concrete action

The Paris Agreement asks each country to set national emission reduction targets and to develop a set of domestic measures towards achieving its long-term goals. These are known as the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs). In order to implement the NDCs, the climate goals need to be “translated” into concrete policy approaches, rules and regulations, public budgets and investment plans – both at the sectoral and sub-national levels. Sub-national players such as states, regions and cities are key actors in driving forward the energy transition by shaping low-carbon lifestyles and economic practices, building resilient infrastructure and developing social systems for a carbon-neutral future. However, clear and determined leadership and strong support by national governments is crucial in order to unleash the full transformative potential of subnational actors.
The aim of this session is to discuss how the Paris Agreement can be translated into programmes and concrete measures for implementation at the local level and to explore the role of national governments in supporting local actors.