Forging regional pathways towards zero-emission, efficient, and resilient buildings and construction: The GlobalABC Regional Roadmaps (organized by Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction)

This workshop will showcase the newly-developed Regional Roadmaps for Africa, Asia, and Latin America, developed by the GlobalABC and the IEA, and built on inputs from over 700 regional stakeholders and global experts outlining key actions and timelines for the decarbonization of the built environment. Participants will discuss how the roadmaps can be instruments for framing the debate at regional, national and local level to implement strong, forward-looking policies and technologies.

From global goals to concrete action

The Paris Agreement asks each country to set national emission reduction targets and to develop a set of domestic measures towards achieving its long-term goals. These are known as the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs). In order to implement the NDCs, the climate goals need to be “translated” into concrete policy approaches, rules and regulations, public budgets and investment plans – both at the sectoral and sub-national levels. Sub-national players such as states, regions and cities are key actors in driving forward the energy transition by shaping low-carbon lifestyles and economic practices, building resilient infrastructure and developing social systems for a carbon-neutral future. However, clear and determined leadership and strong support by national governments is crucial in order to unleash the full transformative potential of subnational actors.
The aim of this session is to discuss how the Paris Agreement can be translated into programmes and concrete measures for implementation at the local level and to explore the role of national governments in supporting local actors.

Decentralised Energy Systems

Pivotal to a successful energy transition is a switch from conventional and centralised energy generation to a decentralised system dominated by renewable energy generation and supporting technologies. But how does such a system work and what does it look like? To find out, join us on an excursion to one of the frontrunners in the renewable energy world.


Renewable Energy projects as vectors for Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) (Organized by Agora Energiewende)

Strategies and best practices to promote regional development (Expert Workshop)

Based on the dichotomy between the opportunity and the threat that renewable energy projects represent to local communities, Agora Energiewende and Iniciativa Climática de México are calling for this workshop to discuss the experiences as well as practical best practice for the development of renewable energy projects as vectors for Mexico’s work towards achieving their Sustainable Development Goal (SDG’s).